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York Press
Eating Out: Double Dutch Pancake House
‘If you think pancakes are a dish best served only once a year on Shrove Tuesday then think again.’

Life of Pippa
York’s Wheelchair-Accessible Indie Coffee Shops and Cafes
“There are still a fair few lovely spots committed to welcoming disabled visitors, including… Double Dutch Pancake House”

Student Insider
York: Double Dutch Pancake House
‘It’s one of my favourite places to go in York. You’re able to take anyone with you as it offers something for everyone’s taste!’

Vegan Olive’s Vegan Blog
Double Dutch Pancake House
‘I love they have a good range of vegan options, using products like vegan pesto, Swedish Glace ice-cream and soya milk’.

Little Vikings
Little Vikings eat pancakes in York at The Double Dutch Pancake House
‘There are certain foods that have ‘happy family’ written all over them, and pancakes are one.’

York on a Fork
Heel Lekker: Double Dutch Pancake House
‘Firstly I must mention that the service was extremely welcoming. We were promptly and warmly shown to our seats by the window (perfect for people watching).’

Out About York
Double Dutch Pancake House
‘I’m a big fan of a good pancake and this York pancake house definitely knows how to do them.’

York Mix
York’s first Dutch pancake house
‘Flipping Marvelous’

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